Students working on our new SMART Board

We received a new interactive SMART Board from the Pulaski County Special School District in October 2013. The students really enjoy it.

image (6)

Students Karon Miller, Pamela Turner, Paula Nowden, Delois Williams, and Latrina Williams work on the new smartboard in Ms. Pierce’s class.

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These are some of the things students in Ms. Pierce’s class had to say about it:

“I like it because we can work as a group.

“It’s more visual! We can see what is happening better.”

“We can all learn hands-on and help each other.”


image (3)

A SMART Board is an interactive digital whiteboard designed for engaging students and presenting presentations. The smartboard is touch sensitive and you can use your finger, or the pens provided, will act as your computer mouse, allowing you to visit websites, scroll through PowerPoint slides, and more. Using the SMART Board can lead to more interactive lectures and presentations. The hands-on feature makes it engaging for students.  The SmartBoard runs off of local computer system resources, is ideal for displaying learning objects, animations, and video clips to supplement student learning and can story any information that is written on it.


About Pulaski County Adult Ed

We provide free instruction to adults to assist them in improving their educational skills, preparing for the GED Tests, or preparing for postsecondary standardized entrance exams.
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