Pulaski County Adult Education COVID-19 Policies


Pulaski County Adult Education is offering three options for instruction in 2020-2021 in an effort to maintain approximately 50% capacity in each of our sites. The three options are BLENDED, DIGITAL, and TRADITIONAL instruction. With each option, attendance will be taken, and lessons/tests will be graded as required.

Campus Cleaning: Pulaski County Adult Education has its own wellness team that is responsible for maintaining health and wellness procedures put in place by the District Wellness Team. The appropriate cleaning agents and other sanitizers will be used, including hospital-grade disinfectants in all learning spaces. Each site will be provided sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and bleach spray used with paper towels for teachers to clean and sanitize throughout the day. 

Health Screenings: Temperature screenings will be performed on all professional staff, students, and visitors daily. Visitors will be limited to essential business only as approved by the director. Our professional staff will complete a daily screening tool based on ADH guidelines.

Face Coverings: Face coverings may be any of the following: medical masks, cloth masks (must be clean and dry) with at least two layers of fabric, or shields. All face coverings should cover both the mouth and nose at all times. Students are required to wear masks in all indoor spaces. All professional staff will be required to wear a mask and a shield (or goggles) when students are present. When doing phonics instruction, the mask may be removed, but the face shield must be kept on.

Physical Distancing: All professional staff, students, and visitors will observe physical distancing (6-12 feet) when possible. Classrooms and other spaces will be rearranged to account for spacing recommendations.

Ventilation: Classroom doors and windows will remain open when feasible to allow for better ventilation. Buildings with exterior-facing doors, as well as buildings with portables, will be assessed to allow for proper ventilation.

Travel Outside of Arkansas: All professional staff who travel to other states may be required to self-isolate per ADH and CDC guidelines.

Positive Tests & Contact Tracing: If a teacher tests positive for COVID-19, he/she will contact the Adult Education Director, who will contact human resources. PCSSD-Pulaski County Adult Education will have a point of contact with the ADH and follow the protocol developed by ADH. In the event that there is a positive case in a building, the ADH and ADE will advise on steps to be taken to support the health and well-being of students, staff, and families. If school closure is required, all professional staff and students will work remotely until directed by ADH and ADE to reopen. During the closure, the school will undergo additional cleaning and sanitizing.

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