W.A.G.E. Program

WAGE™ is a work readiness training program designed to ensure that unemployed and underemployed Arkansans have the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace. WAGE™ offers these state-issued certificates: Employability, Customer Service 1 & 2, Office Technology. WAGE™ accepts students who assess with at least a 9.0 grade-level equivalency on the TEST of Adult Basic Education (TABE) and who have a goal of obtaining a job, retaining a job, improving their skill level to gain improved employment, or entering next-level workplace training.

Participating employers agree to give added consideration to WAGE™ students; given all other candidate qualifications are equal. Some employers provide various incentives to encourage employees to complete WAGE™ including: a sign on bonus, increase in hourly rates, release time for classes, or as a pre-requisite to be enrolled in next-level workplace training.


How can a WAGE™ graduate benefit your business?

WAGE™ Return on Investment
$ Production improves.
$ Quality goes up.
$ Waste is reduced.
$ Profits increase.
$ Safety incidents are reduced.
$ Customer satisfaction improves.
$ Recruitment costs are reduced.
$ Employee retention improves.
$ Employee attitude improves.
$ Employees show more interest and success at next level of technical training.
$ Employer competes better in a global economy; likelihood of longevity improves.

To find out more information about the W.A.G.E. Program, please call the Pulaski County Adult Education Center at 501-945-6055

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