Distance Learning

PCSSD Adult Education offers Distance Learning for adult learners who would like to study  from home!

To enroll, students must successfully complete:

_____ Arkansas Career Education Distance Learning Survey.

_____ PCSSD Adult Education Distance Learning Agreement.

_____ Participate in 12 hours of classroom attendance, which includes TABE assessment, orientation, goal setting, and demonstrated use of computer technology and curriculum.

_____ Establish and demonstrate use of an email account with attachments.

_____ Have internet access, a computer, laptop or Chromebook with audio, speaker, and webcam, and the Google Chrome browser (available for download here).

______Students will need to be able to meet virtually with their instructor via Google Meet and meetings may be recorded.

Enrolled Distance Education students will:

_____ Participate 3 hours minimum each week; 12 hours each month to maintain enrollment.

_____ Communicate weekly with the instructor.

_____ Attend once-a-month physically or virtually to review progress and re-align learning plans.

_____ Reassess on the TABE at 30, 40, or 60 hours (determined by TABE results).

Click here to request enrollment into Distance Learning!