Distance Learning

PCSSD Adult Education offers Distance Learning for adult learners who would like to study  from home!

To enroll, students must successfully complete:

To be enrolled, Distance Learning students will successfully complete: 

____ PCSSD Adult Education distance learning agreement.

____ Establish an email account. 

____ Have access to the internet and a computer or tablet, respond to emails. 

Students will use Arkansas Career Education approved curriculum, depending on student learning plan and student goals identified upon intake. 

Enrolled Distance Education students will: 

____ Participate 3 hours (minimum) each week to maintain enrollment, a minimum of 12 hours each month.

____ Communicate with the instructor every two weeks on successes and difficulties with content for clarification, alternate instruction and resolution to learning concerns. 

____ Re-access to the TABE after 30 or 40 hours, depending on TABE scores.

Maintaining Enrollment

____ Student not meeting enrollment criteria will be contacted by email.

____Sixty days of no participation will result in a student being dropped from the distance learning class. Students will visit with an instructor to determine if it is best to re-establish distance learning status or participate in onsite classes.

Click here to request enrollment into Distance Learning!

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