Scheduling your GED tests

Do you want to enroll in our GED program?

Over 18 years old – The enrollment process involves some paperwork, a government issued ID and your Social Security Card. We administer an initial test, called the TABE test, that shows us which areas you may need some practice with. This process may take 3 to 4 hours so plan accordingly and call the location you wish to enroll in to set up a time.

You can come to class during the week, you can do some or all of the learning online – whichever fits your life best. We have wonderful, dedicated instructors to help you practice the skills you need to successfully earn your GED!

You may spend as little as 12 hours in class or you may spend 40 hours or more. It all depends on your current knowledge and abilities and the time you can dedicate to learning the skills needed.

If enrolling, all classes and testing are FREE to you!

16 & 17 year olds – Admission into Adult Ed must go through your PCSSD school counselor after 10 straight days of enrollment in that school. Enrollment is contingent on TABE test scores of 535 or better and daily attendance is required until the last GED test is passed. See more information here:

Do you just want to take the GED tests on your own?

16 & 17 year olds – You will need to first acquire an Intent to Homeschool form here: . We will need to see the original form to make a copy for your file. Continue reading to see what else is required for testing only.

18 years old – In 2017 Arkansas created a law that makes it mandatory for everyone 18 and younger to pass the Civics exam before receiving a diploma. We administer the Civics exam at our locations for free or you can bring us documentation of a passed Civics exam from your former educational institution.

The study guide can be found here:

There are 100 questions and the tester must answer at least 60 of them correctly to receive a passing score. Once this is completed, read the next paragraphs to continue.

19 and older – You will need to create an account at Follow the instructions on the orange (left side) image above.

Arkansas requires test candidates to pass the GED Ready tests. Each GED Ready test must be taken in person at one of our locations. the Ready tests are $6.99 each or $22.99 if you pay for them all at once. You can pay all at once but you have a few months to actually complete them. Testing on your own means you do not qualify for vouchers.

Once each Ready test is passed, we ask for clearance from the state office. Once cleared you are able to schedule your Official tests at – follow the instructions on the yellow (right side) image above.

Each Official exam is $4.00 if taken on site. If you are testing on your own, you do not qualify for vouchers. does have arrangements for testers to test at home, however the cost is significantly higher. See for details.

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