W.A.G.E. Program

WAGE™ is a work readiness training program designed to ensure that unemployed and underemployed Arkansans have the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace. WAGE™ offers these state-issued certificates: Employability, Customer Service 1 & 2, Bank Teller, and Industrial. WAGE™ accepts students who assess with at least a Scale Score of 490 on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) for Employability and Customer Service 1 certificates and at least 535 for all other certificates, and who have a goal of obtaining a job, retaining a job, improving their skill level to gain improved employment, or entering next-level workplace training.

Participating employers agree to give added consideration to WAGE™ students; given all other candidate qualifications are equal. Some employers provide various incentives to encourage employees to complete WAGE™ including: a sign on bonus, increase in hourly rates, release time for classes, or as a prerequisite to be enrolled in next-level workplace training.


How can a WAGE™ graduate benefit your business?

WAGE™ Return on Investment
$ Production improves.
$ Quality goes up.
$ Waste is reduced.
$ Profits increase.
$ Safety incidents are reduced.
$ Customer satisfaction improves.
$ Recruitment costs are reduced.
$ Employee retention improves.
$ Employee attitude improves.
$ Employees show more interest and success at next level of technical training.
$ Employer competes better in a global economy; likelihood of longevity improves.

To find out more information about the W.A.G.E. Program, please call the Pulaski County Adult Education Center at 501-945-6055

  The average increase in wages for certificate holders who were employed before earning a WAGE certificate compared to after earning a certificate increased by 17.8% according to data obtained from the Arkansas Research Center in 2012.   

The alliance includes participation agreements with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, chambers of commerce, human resources associations, local leaders, staffing and training agencies, economic development agencies and boards, as well as other educational providers.

WAGE Partners

WAGE Partners 2


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