Little Rock

Department of Workforce Services

Location: 5401 S. University, Little Rock, AR 72209

Phone: (501) 320-1724

Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

Instructors: Carolyn Scales

Our goal is to help students become employable in today’s society!

WAGE (Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy) is a training program intended to assist individuals with attaining marketable employment skills and to create a skilled workforce for employers. The areas of training include reading comprehension, English grammar, mathematics, and computer literacy. We also stress personal employment skills, such as attitude, realistic goal-setting, timeliness, appearance, resume building and interviewing. While WAGE does not have job placement services, we also have a list of partners who recognize WAGE certificates in the hiring process.

Partnered with the Little Rock Workforce Center, we serve the general public, as well as TEA clients. Individuals are able to obtain WAGE certificates from our program. Also, we help students obtain their Career Readiness Certificate. If they fail a portion of the Key Training test or Work Keys test, we assist in their remediation.

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Little Rock Goodwill

WAGE, GED, and Career Readiness Certification 

Location: 7400 Scott Hamilton, Little Rock, AR 72209, Door #3

Phone: (501) 372-5100, Ext. 1162

Hours: Monday and Friday 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Instructors: Leah Irvin and Jennifer Pierce

The Adult Education Center at Little Rock Goodwill offers GED, WAGE, and CRC classes for students 18 and older. Students must first enroll and take the TABE test. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment and allow 3 hours for enrollment and the TABE test. You will need to bring your Arkansas Drivers License or ID and your social security card. From the results of the TABE test, the instructor can determine what skills the student needs to focus on.

Students may qualify to take the GED Ready test by scoring at 535 or more in reading, math, and language on the A (Advanced Level) TABE test and following the Student Checklist for the GED. Once all qualifications are met, the student must pass the GED Ready Test in order to take the Official GED. GED Ready Test subjects are Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Students interested in computer classes may enroll in WAGE full time after qualifying on the TABE with 535 or higher. Students with less than 535 will need to refresh their basic skills. For most WAGE certificates, a student will eventually need to earn 535 on the TABE. WAGE certificates are offered in Employability, Customer Service 1 & 2, Banking, Industrial, and Office Technology.

Studying for Career Readiness Certification is also available for students.
Click here for more information.

Students may also enroll to improve basic skills without seeking a GED or WAGE certificate. Please make instructors aware of your goals.

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